Avoid the #1 Mistake Most Newbie Internet
Marketers Make

Miss this and miss the money!

It's a common problem. So many Internet newies shy away from the single, best method of driving highly quality, free traffic to their websites because they mistakenly think it's too complicated for them to understand. Just say the terms "search engine optimization" or "keyword research" and eyes begin to roll. If that sounds like you, let me just say this:

Relax... keyword research is not rocket science.

Is a mental block against keyword research holding you back? Are you stuck, not making money online, because you don't know which keywords to use? Do you wish you could have professional guidance without paying an arm and a leg?

These four world-renowned experts simplify it for you by breaking it down into an easy-to-understand process.

Conquer keyword confusion in less than 90 minutes when you listen to this dynamic panel discussion.

You'll discover:

  • why keyword research is not as hard as everybody makes it seem.
  • how to break through the jargon so you can make confident keyword choices.
  • why keyword research is really nothing more than good marketing.
  • precisely where to put keywords for maximum impact.
  • that keyword research can actually be fun.
  • nifty, free tools that can drastically improve the success.
  • and more!

This is keyword research for everyday people. For instance, successful Internet Marketer, Lynn Terry, offers this tip:

"Keyword research isn't just for SEO. It's an easy way to find out what your customers are looking for so you can provide it for them. I get article ideas, product ideas and more from looking at a simple list of keywords. I just use the free keyword research tools available to do a quick and dirty search that takes only about 10 minutes."

"Simple?" "Free?" "Quick and dirty?" Yes!

Why pay a professional thousands when you can learn to do it yourself for just $17.00 with the help of...

Lynn Terry - Super Affiliate and Professional Blogger, Lynn teaches that keyword use is really all about good marketing.

Dan Morris - Keyword research, fun? Dan thinks so! You will too once you hear his quirky point of view.

Susanne Myers - Backlinking Queen and SEO Geek holds nothing back as she guides beginners through the maze of complex jargon often associated with keyword research.

Karon Thackston - SEO Copywriter and Author, Karon gives a fact-based assessment of keyword research tools that helps you choose the one right for you.

Here is what other people said about this enlightening Keyword Research Panel.

"This four-person panel was able to take the most complicated and confusing aspects of keyword research and put them in simple terms every marketer will easily understand. Best of all, even seasoned professionals will find nuggets of information they can put to use to improve their own rankings. Well done!"

Cindy Bindar
All Quality Content
"The wealth of knowledge from the successful panel of Internet marketers really helped me as a beginner marketer."

Cindy Watts
Workshop Beginner
"The KW workshop was fantastic. Really liked how the panel showed managable easy-to-improve steps to KW research."

Angie Newton
LosingItandLovingIt Blog

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This MP3 download:

  • delivers almost 90 minutes of focused discussion, tips and techniques for easy and practical keyword research.
  • breaks down complex keyword research ideas into manageable pieces.
  • explains the various research tools and how to choose the right one for you.
  • gives you an easy plan of action for finding the best keywords for use with websites, blog posts, articles, and social media.

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